Proper Trimming & Mitigation

Take a look at your trees, they may need some cleaning up, to remove dead or broken or limbs. Leaving dead or broken limbs in your trees can result in costly repairs to your property or worse, they can cause serious injury or even death.

Trimming and thinning out your trees is an effective way to mitigate against high damage costs in severe storms. Mitigation is a proactive way of lessening the effects of an event before it happens.

Trimming the center mass, dead, and crisscrossing branches is an effective way to mitigate storm damage. Getting your trees properly cared for can save lives and money! Before inclement weather occurs, call 330-231-9711 for a free estimate. Options such as, cabling and bracing, can also lessen the likelihood of a catastrophic event from occurring. We are fully insured and reliable.   EXPERIENCE MATTERS!